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This is a brilliant fleece tuggy dog toy and training aid. The tuggy treat bag has a central pouch, fastened with strong Velcro, and you can put your dog's favourite treats into the pouch to encourage him to have a game of tuggy with you, and also to help train retrieves.

The tuggy treat bag is invaluable for agility and obedience training, and is also a fantastic way to have fun with your dog and to encourage interaction.

The treat bags many different colours all with black nylon. They are soft to hold yet very strong. They have hand loops at both sides of the pouch and are brilliant to incorporate a game with lead work, they can easily be fastened onto the end of a normal lead, or one of our fleece tuggy leads for extra fun and games! They are also brilliant for using as a training reward. Many agility and obedience competitors use them at shows and training as you can reward your dog with a game of tuggy and a treat without having to carry extra things around! Dogs adore playing with them and having interactive fun with your dog is the fastest way to get them wanting to work for you.

The tuggies are very hard wearing and machine washable.

Please note that these tuggies should not be left with the dog as a chew toy. They are designed as interactive training aids/rewards.

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Brand: Mad Spaneils
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